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About Us

JLP Services LLC, dba JP's Tree Service and Project Green Tree, is a locally owned and owner-operated business between Caseville and Elkton. Since 2003 we have proven our ability to provide quality, professional and knowledgeable service to earn the respect and trust within our local community and others. The increased Oak tree decline and mortality observed along areas of the lakeshore has revealed several known and unknown issues that must be addressed at a community level. This large scale awareness and education led to the development of .... Project green Tree.

Project Green Tree

Our Motto: "True Leaders do not follow the footsteps of others.... They create the footsteps for others to follow." (P.G.T.)

Our Mission: To increase tree care awareness, concerns, and issues in rural communities to reduce tree stress and loss caused by human disturbance, insects and disease.

Goals and Objectives

Awareness: Encourage others to notice trees, problems and the effects of human activity

Prevention: To avoid injury and damage from environment, insects, disease and activity

Education: To promote self-learning and educate using easy to understand information

Support: To be a resource available to rural communities